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Do You Know The Process Of Stenter?

  • May 21, 2020 9:53 PM CDT
    <p>It is necessary for the employees who produce fabrics to understand the operation process of the <a href="">Stenter</a> in time, because only in this way can it avoid the influence of the production error caused by the operation error. Since this is the case, the following is the same as Zhengda printing and dyeing. A brief understanding of the specific operation process of this equipment.</p>
    <p>First of all, when the fabric has completed the relevant processing work, it will be introduced to the operating table. The purpose of this is to facilitate the sending of the relevant fabric into the shaping equipment for shaping processing. The correct operation method is used to send the fabric to the machine.</p>
    <p>Then, click the relevant tenter button to enter the heating system. After entering the system, you need to adjust the heating temperature and heating time and other data, and also need to do moisture removal, so that the box can be obtained Due to the maintenance effect, only in this way can it be used longer.</p>
    <p>Finally, heat the related fabrics, which can help to set the shape. After completing the related operations, turn off the switch and store the data to cut off the power. After doing these tasks, you need to do the necessary tenter Cleaning and maintenance work.</p>
    <p>The above is the operation process of the tenter. When using this type of sizing equipment, you must timely grasp the specific operation methods and the problems that need to be paid attention to in each step, otherwise it may lead to this sizing due to improper operation. The setting effect of the machine is affected. If you really do n’t know what these precautions are, you can also ask the staff of Zhengda Printing and Dyeing when purchasing.</p>