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Tips for getting currency in the Path of Exile

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    November 24, 2019 8:58 PM CST
    1. Full-scale alchemy plus 1-6, 72 points PL has 1000 life interest one or two concentrated more than one million to the hand, other materials like gold powder, Fresh Giblets, dragon heart can also have six or seven hundred this only It is 72PL.

    2. The battle of the mountains, in this era of all the special figures are harmonious, this unpopular is still strong, it is estimated that no one is killing, the ink will be out of the generals is very worthy.

    3. Ampoule, the turtle in the harbor, only killing the left side, this look at the big area, parts above 8000 can have full fatigue 100 parts, black diamond.

    4. Altar ink, 50,55 powder, high explosive rate, and now the price of fifty powder and eighty powder is similar. And The Queen has more than 7,000 seals, which makes a lot of money.

    5. North Gate, obstacles two or three thousand, the command book seven hundred, the key is not to repair, the number of garbage is all the way to hell.

    6. Chasing, the old-fashioned farming currency map, the reason why it is worth moving is that the price of the 30-force has returned to the peak.

    7. Elf's Forest, the burst rate of this picture, sometimes one out of a game, can be traded on the auction, can not be broken down, surprises unlimited.

    8. With a manned gun, 300,000 a hand, this is a huge profit.

    9. Long Yi, this person who recommends killing breath, killing, gold coins may be general, but the ticket and the breath are really many if you change into gold coins, it is also earned.

    10, Qinglong, 20,000 tickets, remake 20,000, plus one or two jade, plus more than one hundred breath, with each two out of two tickets, for the abyss party and the need to forge is also earned.
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