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Plantation shutters

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    January 9, 2020 8:14 PM CST
    <p>These wear yellow desert camouflage of rice soldier takes of the persons seem a research personnel, they are looking into the combat trace that left last night on the ground, sudden someone discovered bury in Huang Sha of one side silver white plane wing, <a href="">Plantation shutters</a> hurriedly called others to come.Everyone uses the conveyance vehicle and derrick of distance and makes an effort together, this decrepit silver the white plane wing dug out from Huang Sha.<br>    A research personnel starts checking this decrepit plane wing, flank a person asks a way:"Richard virtuous Doctor, this plane wing sees appearance to be us rice country f the plane wing of 15 battleplanes?Is this color to seem to be a bit not right"<br>    That makes the virtuous Doctor of Richard let go of the examination instrument in the hand, some doubts of say:"George, I can affirm, this plane wing is us rice country the f is 15 a side of the fighter jets plane wings, but very strange BE, but the data of this plane wing is bigger than the plane wing of 15 fighter jets of our f 20 or so.Its creation material isn't the manufacturing f that we are familiar with either at the same time 15 fighter jets of material, but a kind of strange material that we have never seen."<br>    The ask of make George's person ask a way:"If it compare the plane wing of 15 fighter jets of normal f big 20 and so affirm isn't a f 15, that it is what airplane of plane wing?Is our airplane of the model number of the rice latest country?Still have, Richard virtuous Doctor, you are a famous material to learn an expert, even you also can not tell this plane wing is what material create?"<br>    The Richard is virtuous to say:"I don't know as well, probably it is really a part of the fighter jet of the rice latest country!To know its concrete composition and characteristic can carry this plane wing returns us the national laboratory of the rice country oak Ling, make use of the latest scientific instrument, so as to get, it exactly is what material make."<br>    George says:"Doctor, we receive rice army square's help claim, would arrive to come to carry on to reconnoitre here right away.You see this break severity on the scene, have there 100 be killed more of person in Middle East, have some be ruined by the shot of vehicle, should take place a war.Just war happen here isn't a very common affair?Military authority why incredibly need our se research organizationses expert horse?"<br>    The Richard was virtuous to see the rice non-commissioned officer of one eye distance of soldier, the low voice says:"Did you see the the cave that collapses to fall in distance?My friend just told me and said that they discovered the nerve of deadly poison poisonous gas in that cave, it is said that that that is the sum Luo Si's"promise Wei Joe gram" poisonous gas.And in seem a scale to hugely settle down a point, they have already discovered an inside drive nerve the poisonous gas poison to death of the person Be getting more countless.Unfortunately they but don't dare to go deep into an inside, can not know the concrete circumstance of inside.And for the sake of the safety, they have already temporarily closed these caves."<br>    George says:"Although say that"promise Wei Joe gram" is a sum Luo Si possesses singly of chemistry weapon, is not only either sum then Luo Si can produce.As I see it, we the laboratory of rice country the production once came out this kind of terrible nerve poisonous gas.But who does the meeting release this kind of nerve poisonous gas in the so strange cave?Still said this kind of poisonous gas to take place to reveal here?To know these Middle East persons to look to is like a kb member there is very normal this kind of chemistry weapon in the their hand!"<br>    The Richard is virtuous to say:"We are just the help personnels of military authority and work well own this officers and workers to make good.It is very uncanny to look here, we still little know some good, perhaps meeting because of know too many but be closed a lifetime."<br>    George wasn't frightenned, on the contrary and excitedly said:"Doctor, don't you feel that everythings here all seem a scheme?The military authority definitely carried on here what cruel experiment, they now be want to cover up this experiment process.For example we fore the noodles discovers of the cave, in that cave, we discovered two burnt corpses, then passed in leave of trace and remain a thing, can know in have a guided missile explosion.But the entrance of that cave is curving, how may the guided missile fly into a cave inside?Is someone to enter a guided missile anti- cave, then at in move to set off?Regrettable BE, <a href="">Plantation shutters</a> the inside guided missile explosion after the wildfire forming burned down the whole evidence, we in addition to at in find out two burnt corpses, what useful clueses didn't find out.</p>