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Family of the Cross
Family of the Cross
There are also other institutions that live and promote the Spirit of Christ, Priest and Victim and they all form the "Family of the Cross". Their core are the Works of the Cross and "although they are five, in authenticity they are one, one Work of sacrifice and love".
The Family of the Cross came into existence through the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit who were inspired by the charisma, mission and spiritual inheritance of Fr. Félix de Jesús Rougier and Conchita.
These religious orders and various institutions, which inherited the apostolic zeal of our founding fathers and are animated by the Spirituality of the Cross, form the Family of the Cross. They carry out various missions within their own charisma.
The members of the Family of the Cross live and grow by the impulse of the Holy Spirit to continue, through the time and space, the intercession plead which was its origin: Jesus, savior of all people, save them!
Religious orders:
Daughters of the Holy Spirit
Oblates of Jesus the Priest
Guadalupan Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
Missionaries of Charity of Mary Immaculate
Eucharistic Missionaries of the Holy Trinity
Missionaries of Jesus Priest
Misioneras de la Veracruz, Hijas de la Iglesia
Oblates of St. Martha
Eucharistic Oblates of the Solitude of Mary
Misioneras de la Acción Católica de la Inmaculada Concepción
Missionaires of Jesus Host
Brothers of the Cross "Hermanos de la Cruz"
CEC - Circle of the Cross and the Holy Spirit "Círculo del Espíritu Santo y de la Cruz" (Young Catholic students)
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