Uploaded April 4, 2014
The Crucifix
Lets be proud Christians, proud of our Faith and Church. Display the image and reason for our faith to all humankind. We should be proud to wear and display our faith to the world. No more should we be told to hide our faith behind closed doors, to leave it behind when we're at work or socializing. We should be proud Christians, happy Christians, rejoicing in our faith, happy to share it with the curious and with our silent brothers and sisters in the hope that it will rekindle their lost love of Our Savior Jesus Christ and his Church. Thank you.
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  • Joseph An Oilithrigh
    Joseph An Oilithrigh Seamos cristianos orgullosos, orgullosos de nuestra fe y de la Iglesia. Visualice la imagen y la razón de nuestra fe para toda la humanidad. Debemos estar orgullosos de llevar y mostrar nuestra fe al mundo. No más deberíamos estar dijimos que esconder nue...  more
    April 5, 2014